New Class 3A NIC

In the 2013 Autumn Statement the government announced its intention to introduce a scheme for pensioners to top up their Additional State Pension by paying a new class of voluntary National Insurance contribution, to be known as Class 3A.  

In December the DWP published a policy paper on Class 3A Voluntary National Insurance which gives more detail. 

Optimum salary level for 2014/15 and the Employment Allowance

We propose to set salary levels in 2014/15 for shareholder directors and their immediate family at £9,880 for the year or £823.33 a month. This is exactly equal to the tax free personal allowance less £120 for a benefit in kind where we prepare your personal tax return. Where we don't prepare your tax return, the optimum salary level is £10,000 or £833.33 a month.


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